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Rails when need to create New Controller

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When new active_record model added and we need to interact with it

Example: when app/models/order.rb model added then need to add app/contorllers/order_controller.rb

It's classic one

When different kind of user will interact with that model

Example: Any kind of admin controller app/controllers/admin/orders_controller.rb

When needed different permissions to interact with action

Example: /companies/search (CompaniesController#search) is public endpoint, but /companies (CompaniesController#index) is available only for authenticated users

Then it would be better to extract CompaniesController#search to CompaniesSearchController#index and make route to it get '/companies/search', to: 'companies_search_controller#index'

When needed different format of responses (API endpoints)

Example: HTML pages can be hosted on /orders page, but its data can be fetched from /api/orders.json

Then you just need to add Api::OrdersController#index controller