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Minitest Mocking Http Request with Stubs

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There are typical tasks to test http requests in any application. And there's not cute interface in Minitest like Rspec is

Here I show you how to test http requests with Minitest

Example: Let's say you need to test any http wrapper like:

  • HTTParty.get
  • and similar http requests classes

Let's grab for our experiment

  • To test http request we need to combine and .stub:
test 'slack posts "Hello to Slack" message' do
  slack_mock =
  slack_mock.expect(:post, true, [{ text: "Hello to Slack" }])

  Slack::Notifier.stub(:new, slack_mock) do'url').post(text: "Hello to Slack")

  • Now run the tests rails test tests/path_to_test.rb.

And it successfully passes!

The similar code can be used for other http wrappers

Add Wrapper Around Http Calls

To reuse mocks in any part of tests and to have nice interface we can wrap it Helper

  • ./tests/support/slack_helper.rb
# frozen_string_literal: true

module SlackHelper
  def verify_slack_notification
    slack_mock =

    Slack::Notifier.stub(:new, slack_mock) do
      yield slack_mock

  • ./tests/controllers/chat_controller_test.rb
test 'sends message to slack' do
  verify_slack_notification do |slack_mock|
    slack_mock.expect(:post, true, [{ text: "Hello Everybody" }])

    patch messages_path, params: { message: "Hello Everybody" },
  • run it rails test ./tests/controllers/chat_controller_test.rb

and it should successfully pass